Lone Wolf

Somewhere down deep inside of all of us, lives a wolf. Some wolves thrive surrounded by others, and need the pack to survive, some wolves choose to walk this life outside the ways of the pack, making their own rules of survival. One way, no greater than the other, just living with the spirits we were given. As a member of a pack that needs each member to succeed on a daily basis, I can only wonder what the thoughts and feelings are of a lone wolf, and respect the unknown from my safety blanket. To make a desicion that affects , you and only you, to wake up each morning and tackle the world as you see it… I respect from my safety blanket. To see the country side, domestic and foreign, to take chances that may or may not work out, but having the courage to take them without your pack by your side… I respect from my safety blanket. At times these travellers, these wanderers, these lone wolves help us see a bigger world, and open doors for us. This “Lone Wolf” I describe is in fact part of a pack, the same pack I belong to, but has branched off to see what is out there, beyond the safety of home. To personify fully this free spirit, this wolf, we will give her a name, and that name is Michelle! What Michelle has learned on her travels, she now passes on to us, With the creation of a window that allows people to look in on us through the modern world of technology. She is the creator of our new website, which helps us reach out to our extended wolf pack… “YOU”. Her need for knowledge and adventure, drives her futher from home, exposing a world we can only imagine! Keep living your incredibale journey Michelle, and we will be here if the road ever leads you back home!

Follow the travels of our Lone Wolf on her own blog page to see what shes up to! evenbettertomorrow.com