Kids on Skate!!

Grom winner Chazdin Kiskotagan Grom winner Chazdin Kiskotagan

SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME! and last night’s comp was a total atest to that. All different types of kids from all different walks of life, came together in laughter, bro-ism, and a lil competition. The cheers for one another after a hammer had been tossed brought a smile to my face and truly warmed my soul!! Last night felt the way skateboarding had felt for me when I started back in 96 ish.  Homies pushing homies to succeed, progress, and just be out there for the fun of it all. The talent out of this little town blows me away everyday! I wish the teachers of our schools and nai sayers of our community would all come out and watch these “trouble makers” or “bad seeds” in their enviroment. They may see what I see, and thats kids of a misunderstood world living a life of education, government, and achievement away from the mold. The smiles and high fives that were thrown around couldn’t have been counted, and with no particapation ribbons or prizes, I feel they were all just excited to be out with their friends.

AM winner Edwin Kiskotagan AM winner Edwin Kiskotagan

Now there is some behind the scenes happenings that go on for these kids to do what they do, and I wanna take a sec and give a huge thanks to these types of organizations and individuals. Concern for youth is out on the streets daily, hooking these kids up with waters and sandwiches, and are always down to help out with barBq’s or whatever needs help with when we throw contests. Wild youth sports sask(Josh Reise)is a huge help and role model for these kids aswell, taking them around sask and alberta to different skateparks and giving them opportunities that they possibly wouldn’t get in everyday life. Alanna Tucker and the Freedom skate and snow staff, hosting contests, and running a place these kids can come and feel safe, at home and accepted is crutial to skate life! But the most recent help these kids have been given, is from a body that they haven’t seen before… and that is a group of people that are making moves and changes at the sanctuary the skaters call home. This group of people is made up of Comunity safety coordinator Herb Sutton, Parks and Cemeteries head honcho Gordon Whitton , Boys and GIrls Club Excutive director Nicole Combres and myself Brennan Lampitt. These cats have come together to achieve new garabage cans,benches, and a Brett Craig memorial water fountain in the works for the skatepark. They will continue to push futher development for our Park. HUGE thanks to all in this column, you guys kill it and without you there wouldn’t be a skateboard community like ours!!!

Thanks to the peeps that helped and to all the skaters who came out last nigh, it was a refreshing night of good times with great people!!!

Pro winner Bryce Dehorty Pro winner Bryce Dehorty