Here it is … The winner of this years Skateboard graphic contest!! Congratulations Koby Ellis. For the past 7 years we have hosted a skateboard design contest, in which we send out the invatation to draw up what you would like to see on our next seasons skate decks. The entries can be sent to and will judged upon by our pannel of experts! In the past we have been very fortunate to have such an amazing selection to choose from, North Battleford artist you guys kill it!

Thanks to all that enter and send in, we hope all of the same people and new people keep putting in entries and maybe you will be able to skate a deck in which you designed yourself. Having the logo or the word Freedom is our only guideline for the contest. We will be doing this again next Febuary so no time better then the present to get creative… thanks a million!!

Koby next time you’re back in town swing into the shop we will have your prize pack waiting for ya