First Entry

In this world of technology that moves so quickly, it’s easy to get left behind and out of the “know”. I’m as guilty of this as most. When the younger generation comes into the shop asking my thoughts on the winners of last nights street league, or the technology on a product that was a late release and was dropped via social media that morning, I’m stumped 80% of the time. Unless my 11 year old kid and I had spoke on these subjects at breakfast and he brought them up. That being said with our new blog page on our updated website, I will try my absolute best to stay on top of our new News, deals,sales,products, and people we love and support, and getting that info out to you guys are beloved followers, customers, friends or as we call you… our “FREEDOM FAMILY”. If you have something you feel we should share or be apart of let us know, swing into the shop and say what’s up. Just because technology is taking over doesn’t mean we should loose the art of conversation face to face! Sometimes your profile Pic doesn’t quite look like you on a day to day basis, and we like to be able to put a face to a personality!